What is a MacKenzie-Childs Bumbershoot?

What in the world is a Bumbershoot? According to Dictionary.com it is a fictitious word that means the same thing as umbrella. But according to MacKenzie-Childs it means you will be kept from getting wet in the rain by a stunning display of striped, Courtly Check and Flower Market patterns. Each MacKenzie-Childs umbrella is printed nylon stretched over a generously sized metal frame and includes a brass logo plate. They are 40″ in diameter and sell for $88 each. They come in Flower Market, Courtly Check and the brand new floral pattern named “Ascot”. Whether you call it an umbrella or a Bumbershoot you are certain to look stylish carrying one of these.



noun Informal: Often Facetious.

an umbrella.
1915–20; bumber-,  apparently expressive alteration of umbrella + -shoot,  respelling of -chute  in parachute

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