These Benches are Ridiculously Preposterous!

MacKenzie Childs Preposterous Bench MacKenzie-Childs has just released two sibling benches. They can be used individually or together and they definitely start a conversation.

They are a bona fide star in the theatre of the absurd. It’s okay to stare at this over-the-top conversation starter, decorated by MacKenzie-Childs’ master artisans in a long list of fabulous details: hand-painted faux marbling, checks, dots, gold leaf, traditional Scottish tatan and Florentine papers, and floral transfers over a hardwood frame. Preposterously perfect from top to bottom, these benches are supported by handmade and decorated, gold-lustred ceramic feet, decked out with a sassy sash of handmade glass beaded fringe, and a reversible cushion. If there’s a corner of your home that could use a little nonsense now and again, MacKenzie-Childs’ benches ought to do the trick!


Preposterous Bench


Preposterous Bench


Ridiculous Bench


Ridiculous Bench


Which bench/fabric combination do you like best?

For more information on the MacKenzie-Childs Ridiculous Bench, click here.

For more information on the MacKenzie-Childs Preposterous Bench, click here.

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