The Stunning MacKenzie-Childs Grandolier Chandelier

MacKenzie-Childs Grandolier Chandelier

We’ve seen the usual; the crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling over a beautiful dining room table. But what he haven’t seen is this–a chandelier not made out of crystal, but with MacKenzie-Childs’ signature majolica clay.

This chandelier is definitely an eye-catcher! It mixes traditional elements with a contemporary style. And as the picture suggests, this chandelier takes command of a room. It’s quite literally the star of the show. You can bet this chandelier will help you start a conversation with guests.

MacKenzie-Childs Grandolier Chandelier

This wonderful chandelier includes a striking silhouette of crafted clay that’s hand-painted with faux marbling, gold lustre, and vivid striping. The gorgeous, sweeping arms are made of cast brass. On the arms are antiqued candle-sleeves with hand-painted drips as if the candles were lit. It also features a multicolored tassel at the bottom, and the famous Courtly Check pattern on the paper shades. Hanging from the paper shades are beads made of brass and jasper.

You want to make a statement? This chandelier will definitely help you out! This chandelier will let guests know you have whimsical humor, a taste for the avant garde, and an impeccable eye for detail.

What’s your favorite part of this MacKenzie-Childs Grandolier Chandelier? Let us know below!

Click here to further learn about the MacKenzie-Childs Grandolier Chandelier.

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